The Virtues of Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Companies typically own assets that must be put to work in order to make money, such as machines, buildings, people and equipment. The purpose of Supply Chain Management is to make it possible that these assets are utilized as effectively as possible throughout the supply chain, meaning not just your own assets but also those of your suppliers.

EuroChain helps companies to operate according to the principles of Supply Chain Management.
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Plan your Sales & Operations

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is a solution that enables your company and all of its departments to follow what the market is asking for, and to make sure that all of your company activities are continuously in line with your company (financial) objectives. This is an area of continuous internal negotiation between departments, where EuroChain's experience and seniority will certainly help to get things done.

Continuous Improvement with Lean & Six Sigma

Lean & Six Sigma are well known methods to identify and implement asset utlization & improvement opportunities, as well as to identify and eliminate non-essential activities within companies. You will quickly see the benefits.  Six Sigma includes powerful fact-based statistical analysis, making decisions on basis of just hearsay or tradition a thing of the past.

Manage and Overcome Pitfalls in Change Management

Mergers & Acquisitions, staff reorganizations and new IT systems are changes that typically have a high cost and service level impact. But often the positive cash flow promises never materialize. Departments do not work together effectively, stocks remain high, customers complain and suppliers continue to have difficulties. Despite significant efforts, weak performance remains. Does this sound familiar? EuroChain helps companies to manage and overcome these pitfalls in change management.

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