Get the most from your Suppliers and Subcontractors

Enabling your suppliers to utilize their assets more effectively is a good reason to (re)negotiate. For this reason Purchasing is a key area where our Supply Chain Management expertise and experience have enabled us to develop unique capabilities that can add considerable value to your business.

EuroChain helps companies to save on Purchasing Spend and improve Supplier Performance.
Ask us for our Purchasing Strategy Cube.

Make more profitable and sustainable Deals and Contracts

Supply Chain Management (SCM) contributes significantly to making better deals and contracts with suppliers and subcontractors. SCM enables companies to balance capacity utilization throughout their supply chain, thus lowering their operational costs while maintaining service-levels. This makes it possible to make better deals.

Invest through Suppliers and Subcontractors

EuroChain helps you to create full transparency in your supply chain. This helps during the contract negotiation process, and makes it clear to all negotiating parties as to whom is best positioned to make any investment that may be required. So perhaps you do not need to go to the bank after all.

Ingenious Contract Negotiation

Contracts or partnerships with Suppliers and Subcontractors are typically more profitable and sustainable if you add supply chain process transparency in the contract negotiation process. Our MyRFx cloud technology makes these processes mutually transparent during the negotiation process, and enables you to get the best out of your supplier market.

Find It - Get It - Keep It

EuroChain has all the know-how, competences, capabilities and tools a company needs to find spend savings and performance improvements, and to deal with Suppliers and Subcontractors at all levels, such as market intelligence capabilities, auditing & negotiation skills, sourcing & tendering tools, and seniority. Ask us about our Find It - Get It - Keep It approach.  EuroChain creates unprecedented savings and business opportunities for buying companies as well as for selling companies.

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