Professionals in Supply Chain Management & Purchasing

EuroChain helps companies to (re)organize their Supply Chain Management and Purchasing activities. This typically leads to significant business improvements with respect to Costs of Operation, Capital Expenditure, Customer Service, Supplier Performance and Supplier Contract Profitability.

We have clients in the Electronics, Chemicals, Food, Pharma, Drinks, Wholesale, Retail & Logistics business, as well as in the Public sector.

The Virtues of Supply Chain Management

Companies typically own assets that must be put to work in order to make money, such as machines, buildings, people and equipment. The purpose of Supply Chain Management is to make it possible that these assets are utilized as effectively as possible throughout the supply chain, meaning not just your own assets but also those of your suppliers.

EuroChain helps companies to operate according to the principles of Supply Chain Management.
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Leverage in Purchasing

Enabling your suppliers to utilize their assets more effectively is a good reason to (re)negotiate. For this reason Purchasing is a key area where our Supply Chain Management expertise and experience have enabled us to develop unique capabilities that can add considerable value to your business.

EuroChain helps companies to save on Purchasing Spend and improve Supplier Performance.
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